The Calcutta Boys' School

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Principal's Desk

Dear Staff & Students,

Welcome to the new academic year 2015-16 With a prolific year behind us I look forward to a blessed and productive year ahead.

A special word of welcome to the new members in our CBS Family — the Staff Students and Parents of CBS Asansol who will be joining us from April 16. We look forward to forging strong and lasting relationships, as together we perpetuate the legacy of Calcutta Boys' School in Asansol. To our existing members at the Main School, Sonarpur & Beliaghata, we look forward to welcoming you back to another chapter in the lives of 'ourBojs'— one in which we trust that they will continue to grow in the knoyledge and love of Christ and realize His plan in their lives.

The last academic year brought many laurels for CBS. The Education World India School Ranking 2014 ranked Calcutta Boys' School as the 9th Best School in India. 'Excellence' has been our forte of many years but to have this publicly recognised was most encouraging! I wish to acknowledge the efforts of everyone who has contributed to this milestone - an effirt extraordinaire and thank you from the core of my heart!

This new academic year 2015-16 ushers in many new challenges, as well as many new rewards. There will be new teachers to meet, new books to read, new friends to make, new skills to master — and I sincerely pray for the Father Almighty's blessings upon you as you share in these exciting times.

Last year the assessment procedure for the Pre-Primary and Primary school was revised. This academic year, in our quest to enhance quality, the assessment procedure for the Senior school (Classes IX — XII) is being modified to a semester system. Two sets of examinations in a year will augment the teaching- learning opportunity, provide that extra 'push' to our boys to delve deeper into the syllabus and comprehend each subject better. The Rehearsal (Pre- Board) Examinations being conducted in November, will provide extra time to the ICSE/ISC students to prepare themselves well, brush up the wanting areas and take the board examinations confidently.

"An institution that does not keep its heroes in reverent and intelligent memory, is unworthy of them and unworthy of its past". Inspired by the great legacy we have inherited in the form of our Alma Mater, the teaching of CBS history is being included as a part of the History syllabus from classes III to VIII from this academic session.

Introduction of "Digital Classrooms" in the Main School and CBS Asansol (and Beliaghata & Sonarpur from next academic session) is our expression of Innovation and keeping abreast with time.

In her obligation to academic and holistic excellence, CBS makes regular Self-Assessment and Innovation. To facilitate co-ordination amongst the four campuses of CBS, ensure constant evaluation, quality-control and Innovation, a Department for Innovation and Assessment (DIA) has been established. I welcome the members of DIA in our pursuit for excellence.

Students, CBS is a Christ-centred institution for academic and holistic development. This is the result of strong teacher-pupil relationship. While our dedicated faculty endeavours to provide you with a positive and encouraging learning environment, success wifi still be limited, without the commitment of each individual student. In order to achieve to the best of your ability, you have to own the responsibility of your learning, be meticulous in preparing your lessons and be honest in all what you do.

Teachers, you are the reason for the success of CBS and working with you is a real pleasure. I thank you for your continued support in helping make CBS the "epitome of excellence". As a team let us continue in our sincere efforts to manifest "DelMundus Deo".

To keep information as current as possible, the CBS website will be continually updated. Important notices from school will be posted directly on the web page. However, two important documents that you will need to refer to during the course of the year are the School Calendar and the School Diary. I would encourage you to review both of these publications and to take note of all important dates. Read the Diary carefully and make optimum use of it, bringing it to school everyday.

May the Father Almighty bless all your endeavours and guide you throughout the academic year 2015-16!

Raja McGee,
M.Sc. B.Ed. CIC B.D.
Principal & Secretary
Calcutta Boys’ School

Mr. Raja McGee