The Calcutta Boys' School

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Calcutta Boys’ School, [All Campuses]



14th (Sat) Nursery Parents (New Admissions) Orientation [Main School &
28th (Sat) Nursery Parents (New Admissions) Orientation [Asansol].
2nd  (Thu) to
6th  (Mon) Easter Holidays {both days inclusive}
7th  (Tue) Staff Seminar at 9:30 am. {Combined for all Kolkata campuses).
8th  (Wed) New Academic Session 2015 -16 commences for classes KG -XII.
           Blessing of the School (Main School}
                                               [Half Day School for all classes]
9th  (Thu) School commences for class Nursery 
                                               [Half Day School for all classes]
           House Meetings -9:30 a.m. {Main School)                                     
10th (Fri) Blessing of the School {Sonarpur) [Half Day School for all classes]
14th (Tue) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Jayanti Holiday
15th (Wed) “Polla Baishak" Bengali New Year Holiday
16th (Thu) School Commences for Asansol Campus
17th (Fri) USO Elections (Main School & Sonarpur)
18th (Sat) Working Saturday (half day - Monday’s Time Table to be followed 
           for other classes)
24th (Fri) Daddy’s Football
           Open House/P-T Meeting Classes KG - II
27th (Mon) Open HouselP-T Meeting Classes Ill - V (Regular Classes for of other 
28th (Tue) Open HouselP-T Meeting Classes VI - VIII (Regular school for 
           other classes)
29th (Wed) Open HouselP-T Meeting Classes IX - XII (Regular school for all 
           other classes)
30th (Thu) USO Investiture Service (Parents of USC) officers invited) (Regular school for all Classes)
1th (Fri) May Day Holiday
6th - 9th Lingua Fiesta” - Elocution & Quiz Competition (classes I - IV)
6th (Wed) “Lingua Fiesta” Commences
           • Inter-House Creative Writing Competition (V-Xll)
           • Inter-House English Debate (classes lX-Xll)
7th (Thu) English & Hindi Elocution & Inter-House Quiz (VI- Xli)
8th (Fri) Inter - School English Debate.
9th (Sat) Rabindra Jayanti Celebrations (Elocution and Song competition) &
          Closing Ceremony
11th - 13th Health Check-up
15th (Fri) [Half Day School for all Classes]
           • Mothers’ Day Celebration (Nur-Class II. In all branches)
16th (Sat) Summer Vacations begin.
8th  (Mon)  Cluster Meet (Combined for all our campuses) at 9:30 a.m.
9th  (Tue)  School Re- Opens [Half Day School]
            • No Tobacco Day
15th & 16th Fancy Dress Competition for Classes Nursery & KG
15th (Mon) to
23rd (Tue) First Semester Class Tests for Classes V to Vlll
17th (Wed) Rev. John Wesley’s 312'" Birth Anniversary - Special Chapel Service.

24th June
(Wed) to inter House Football Matches (Finals on Friday 10th July)
10th July (Fri)
26th (Fri) Annual Speech Day (Award Ceremony for Classes VI-XII)
29th (Mon) Junior School Prize Day (Main School Classes Nur- V)
3rd  (Fri) Annual Day (CBS Bellaghata)
4th  (Sat) Annual Prize Day (CBS Sonarpur)
15th (Wed) Frank Anthony Memorial All-India lnter-School Debate (Prelims).
17th (Fri) International Justice Day (Special Chapel Service)
           Arbour Day (all our branches)
           Albert Barrow Memorial All-India Inter-School Creative Writing Competition
17th (Fri) to
21st (Tue) Concord
18th (Sat) Id-ul-Fitre Holiday (Ramzan Id)*
22th (Wed) to
24th (Fri) CBS AON
25th (Sat) Inter School Quiz
2nd  (Sun) World Anglo-Indian Day
3rd - 10th Educational Trip for classes Nursery to IV
3rd  (Mon) World Friendship Day - (Special Chapel Service)
12th (Wed) International Youth Day - (Special Chapel Service)
15th (Sat) Independence Day Celebrations (Classes Vll - Xll)
17th to 31st 1st Term Examinations [Classes V-Vlll]
            1st Assessment Examinations for Classes IX to Xll
18th (Tue) Frank Anthony Memorial All-lndia Inter-School Debate (Selection)
3rd  (Thu) Teachers Day Celebrations (for Classes Nur to VI 8. Beliaghata)
4th  (Fri) Teachers Day Celebrations (for Classes Vll to Xll; Sonarpur & 
5th  (Sat) Janamashtmi Holiday
8th  (Tue) World Literacy Day
9th  (Wed) Answer Scripts shown to students of classes V to Vlll
10th (Thu) Answer Scripts shown to studenls of classes IX to Xll
21st (Mon) International Day of Peace (Special Chapel Service ) &
           "Ariel Conquest"- Kite Flying for Peace (lnter- house competition).
25th (Fri) ld-ul-Zuha Holiday*
28th (Mon) Open HouselP-T Meeting Classes Nur 8. KG (Regular Classes for
29th (Tue) Open HouselP-T Meeting Classes I - ll (Regular school for Ill-XII)
30th (Wed) Open HouselP-T Meeting Classes Ill - VIII (Regular school far all
           other classes)
1st  (Thu) Open HouselP-T Meeting Classes IX - XII (Half Day School for all
           other classes.)
2nd  (Fri) Gandhi Jayanti Holiday
12th (Mon) Mahalaya Holiday
15th (Thu) "Crescendo” - School Concert
16th (Fri) “Crescendo” - School Concert
17th (Sat) to
27th (Tue) Puja Vacations (Both days included)
24th (Sat) Muharram Holiday
28th (Wed) School Re-Opens
2nd  (Mon) Memorial Service (Special Chapel Service )
2th - 6th  Children's’ week - Class Picnics for all campuses (All classes)
7th  (Sat) to
13th (Fri) Kali Pujal Diwali /Bhatridwitia Holidays (Both days included)
17th  24th II Semester Class Tests for Classes V to VIII
16th - 24th 
30th & 1st Dec.Pre- Board Examinations for X 8. XII (Sat. 21s' Working Saturday-
          Thursday’s timetable to be followed)
25th (Wed) Guru Nanak Jayanti Holiday
28th (Sat) CBS Carnival (School Fete)
9th   (Wed) Answer Scripts shown to students of classes XA & XII Com
10th  (Thu) Answer Scripts shown to students of classes X B & XII Sc
14th  (Mon) Christmas Programme (CBS Asansol) I Lunch
15th  (Tue) Christmas Programme (9.00 a.m.- CBS Beliaghata)
            Christmas Programme (600 p.m.- CBS Sonarpur)
16th  (Wed) Annual Athletic Meet and field display [All Kolkata Campuses]
18th  (Fri) Christmas Cantata [at Thobum Church]/ Annual Dinner
19th  (Sat) Parent-Teachers Meeting [Classes IX to XII] (Studies suspended
            for all Classes)
20th  (Sun) Christmas Vacations begin (all four campuses)
24th  (Thu) Fateh Doaz Dohum
30th  Bishop Francis Wesley Warne's birth anniversary (born December 30,1854)
5th  (Tue) Guru Govind Singh Jayanti Holiday
6th  (Wed) School Office resumes after Christmas Vacations.
11th (Mon) School Re-Opens [Half Day School for all Classes]
13th (Wed) Sir Robert LaidIaw's birth anniversary (born January 13,1857)
21st (Thu) "COSMA" [COmputer, Science & MAths Festival] & CANVAS
22nd (Fri) "COSMA" [concluding session] Half Day School]
23rd (Sat) Netaji Subash Chandra Bose Jayanti Holiday
26th (Tue) Republic Day Holiday (Flag Hoisting for Resident Staff)
29th (Fri) Dedication Service [Classes X& Xli) Distribution of Reports & admit 
           cards, Senior Social (Holiday for classes Nur - IX)
30th (Sat) Staff Picnic (Holiday for Students.)
13th (Sat)     Saraswati Puja
15th (Mon) to  Final Examinations for Classes V - VIII
26th (Fri)     Final Assessment for classes IX & Xl.
7th  (Mon)     FOUNDERS DAY CELEBRATIONS Bishop James Mills Thoburn’s
               179th birth anniversary, (born March 7,1836)
               Special Worship Service - 9:00 a.m. followed by lunch.
               CBS OBA get-together
8th & 9th       Answer Scripts shown to students of classes V to IX & XI
10th (Thu)      Promotion Meetings (B ella gh a ta)
l2th (Sat)      Annual Day Concert (Asansol)
l4th to 16th    Promotion Meetings (Main School)
17th (Thu)      Promotion Meetings (Sonarpur)
21st (Mon)      Final PTA Meeting Classes Nursery - IV
22nd (Tue)      Final PTA Meeting Classes V - IX & XI
23rd (Wed)      Holi Holiday
24th (Thu) to
28th (Mon)      Easter Holidays (both days inclusive)
29th - 3rd      April Session Break
4th (Mon)       Staff Seminar at 9:30 a.m. (Combined for all Kolkata campuses).
5th (Tue)       Staff Seminar at 9:30 a.m. (CBS Asansol).
6th (Wed)       New Academic Session 2016-17 commences (for all Campuses)


*Subject to the visibility of the moon

This calendar showing the school holidays for the academic year 2015 -'16 is issued well in advance to enable parents/guardians to make their plans for holidays to coincide with the long school vacations. It is imperative that students are in school on the first and last working day of each school term.

In case of any unprecedented holidays during a week, the Saturday in the corresponding week will be a working day.